Updated 1 month ago

An adblock extension for wyeb, also webkit2gtk browsers.

Updated 2 months ago

Append extension to pass, the standard password manager.

Updated 3 months ago

Script to set up my server. These days you could also use nix/terraform/etc.

Updated 8 months ago

Updated 10 months ago

Cross-platform Text Expander written in Rust

Updated 11 months ago

Lemarios y listas de palabras del español

Updated 12 months ago

A force directed graph layout algorithm in JavaScript

Updated 12 months ago

Transit Relay server for Magic-Wormhole

Updated 12 months ago

A self-hosted, ad-free, privacy-respecting metasearch engine

Updated 12 months ago

get things from one computer to another, safely

Updated 12 months ago

Manifold Markets: A market for every question

Updated 12 months ago

This is a repository for a Streamlit web app. The app helps forecasters to understand how calibrated they are.

Updated 12 months ago