Append extension to pass, the standard password manager.
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An extension for pass (the standard Unix password manager) to append a pass-style password and copy it to the clipboard before a pass insert -m call.


pass generate is cool. pass insert -m # <- multiline is cool. ¿Por qué no los dos? (Why not both?) Well, the answer is that it would be annoying to do in the pass code, I think.


    pass append [filename]
      Generates a strong password, copies it to the clipboard, and runs pass insert -m [filename]
          Based on the pass apppend extension, itself based on the pass backup extension.
    pass append help
        Prints this help message.
    pass append version
        Prints the version number.

Example: pass append services/amazon
        Generates a strong password, copies it to the clipboard,
        and starts pass insert -m services/amazon


Let's generate a password for this example

pass append web/digitalocean
Copied new password to clipboard:
Enter contents of test/test and press Ctrl+D when finished:
[master 1dd0d0b] Add generated password for test/test.


For installation download and place this bash script file apppend.bash into the passwordstore extension directory specified with $PASSWORD_STORE_EXTENSIONS_DIR. By default this is ~/.password-store/.extensions.

$ cp apppend.bash ~/.password-store/.extensions

Give the file execution permissions:

$ chmod 700 ~/.password-store/.extensions/apppend.bash

Set the variable PASSWORD_STORE_ENABLE_EXTENSIONS, to true to enable extensions, e.g., in your .bashrc


Download and source the bash completion file pass-apppend.bash.completion for bash completion.

$ source ~/.password-store/.bash-completions/pass-apppend.bash.completion

Type pass apppend filename/identifier to save your first password using this method, e.g.:

$ pass apppend web/digitalocean



This work is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.


Both files are fairly small: 95 lines (script) and 17 lines (autocompletion) respectively. You can check them yourself quickly. No need to trust anyone.

This extension is heavily based on the pass-backup extension. Because pass-backup is open source, it was easy to take its architecture and use it for a different purpose.