A soothing, powerful and pragmatic Linux "distribution"
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NunOS: A soothing Linux distribution


  • Decide on base distro: debian
    • Good governance model
    • I trust it, I like it
    • I dislike systemd, but Gentoo, OpenBSD, Devuan, etc. seem too niche
  • Decide on desktop environment: GNOME
    • Good for shortsighted users
    • Sensible array of default applications
    • Doesn't try to imitate Windows
    • I like the search with the "windows" key
    • Escape hatch
    • Xmonad too hardcore
  • Figure out a few basic things
    • how to specify shortcuts in the command line: gsettings, or dconf-editor
  • Describe how to get debian step by step
  • Describe how to install debian step by step
  • Describe how to install the recommended software step by step.
    • With .md.sh scripts
    • Why imperatively? Because nixos has a much higher setup cost for me.
  • Recommended hardware


Why a "distribution"

  • Not a proper distribution
  • A bit more effort than your typical set of dotfiles
  • Consider it more like a walkthrough
  • But the name "nunOS" (I'm Nuño Sempere) was too good to pass up
  • The next step might be to: make this a Debian derivative? But not close to it

userland distribution

Debian installer instructions

Partition > Guided - use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM.

How to get this distribution

wget https://git.nunosempere.com/open.source/nunOS/raw/branch/master/1-bootstrap.sh
source bootstrap.sh