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This is a create-next-app template for presenting a collection of estimates in squiggle

yarn create next-app our-estimates --example

Getting Started

First, run the development server:

yarn dev

Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

Edit the .mdx files in pages with your estimates

├── _app.tsx
├── index.tsx
├── squiggle-demo.mdx
└── worldview
    ├── ai.mdx
    ├── bio.mdx

After copying your .squiggle files into public/estimates

├── estimates
│   └── baz.squiggle
├── favicon.ico
├── quri-logo.png
└── quri-logo-with-QURI-written-underneath.png

A typical invocation of squiggle in a .mdx file is as follows

import { DynamicSquiggleEditorWithImportedBindings as SquiggleEditor } from "../components/DynamicSquiggleEditorWithImportedBindings"

<SquiggleEditor defaultCode="xrisk.bioRiskAtYearAfter2022(4)" bindingsImportUrl="/estimates/xrisk.squiggle" /> 

Learn More

To learn more about Next.js, take a look at the following resources:

You can check out the Next.js GitHub repository - your feedback and contributions are welcome!

Deploy on Vercel

The easiest way to deploy your Next.js app is to use the Vercel Platform from the creators of Next.js.

Check out the Next.js deployment documentation for more details.