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A function to update discord on Debian

Updating discord is annoying. Initially, this script automated the process. Now, it also checks headers, so that it can be added to a crontab or similar, and it only downloads the ~100 Mb discord file if it is indeed new.


Download and execute

$ curl https://git.nunosempere.com/NunoSempere/update_discord/raw/branch/master/update_discord.sh -o update_discord.sh
$ cat update_discord.sh
$ bash update_discord.sh

Add to .bashrc

You might also want to add the contents of update_discord.sh to your .bashrc file or similar.

Usage in cron

I think this is how you would add this to a crontab:

$ sudo crontab -e
# Then, inside the crontab
8 * * * * bash /download_path/update_discord.sh

However, I haven't tested this yet with a new update


  • curl
  • apt—implying Debian or derivatives
  • bash

Security posture

Total disregard. If you automatically download discord updates, if they are compromised you would have no warning.